In Biafra Our Dreams Come To Pass: Just Like Their Children Do; Every Other Child Have Dreams by Ashala Obioma Emmanuel

I may not know how to write if not I could have written more; neither do I know how to sing if not I could have sing one.

But all I have to say is that “All the money in the world can make them rich but it can not buy our mind they might get all the praise but they don’t have wish and if the future is there then mind you that we are the leaders”.

I will like to know how many of your names were written on that book as the owner of Nigeria and her mineral resources when God was creating our dear country and will like the names to present to us in heavenly written words. But if those names can not be provided in the heavenly written words then we would want to know why our own share of this milk from our mother’s breast (Nigeria) have not been able to reach us.

I have been in many part of Nigeria and got to a point believing that we all have the same ability to make our dreams come to past but just that we all don’t have the same opportunity to carry out our dreams, for it pains me that our government have the money for war but they cant feed the poor.

In these children who has been in the streets suffering for years are far more better than some of yours and can even do better then them just that they are lacking the opportunity of been educated .

Who knows what they call us when ever they see us on the street fighting for better living them seating in their expensive siren might be seeing us like animals forgetting that we put them in that seat maybe because we trust them, maybe because we cant read or write but what ever the case is, my question is this, How much do you think you can cheat us for you to be okay?

We have giving this country enough grace to treat us well; But since they cant then we need our freedom!

For in Biafra my dreams come to past!!!

Nigeria is a private company not a country loading……..

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