The Ozubulu incident, an eye-opener to the society

The Ozubulu incident, an eye-opener to the society by Mhiz Chyz

It horrible incident that transpired yesterday at St. Philip’s Catholic Church, Ozubulu which left so many bereaved has inspired lots of questions and narratives in the last twenty-four hours.

While lots of irreligious and non-believers have seen it as an Avenue to loud their conviction on the inexistence of God, the believers and religious are left with so many questions on why such a horror and sacrilege would be unleashed on a religious edifice without divine intervention. Questions put up according to one’s faith and conviction. Well, am not writing to engage in a philosophical and theological analogy as that would be a story for another day.

Evidence proves that the incident took place as a result of a major misunderstanding between two drug lords which emancipated into a drug war at South Africa and has brought about so many killings before this very one.

Now, the individual who is supposedly the target that attracted the soulless Mafian that claimed the lives of so many was before now an illustrious son of the soil and a man of the people, so-to-speak. They call him Bishop.

This man has single handedly began and completed so many developmental Projects. This includes the church where the massacre took place.

The truth is that our present day society consciously and unconsciously enthrone vices as we worship and cherish questionable wealth throwing virtue to the mud. In other words, the criterion for virtue is wealth.

However, this wealth most times are gotten from questionable sources.

The trend is going abroad(Malaysia, Dubai, Paris, Turkey, South Africa etc) in search of greener pastures as most of us believe once we go abroad, wealth come knocking on our door. Others, the gullible ones most probably, are brainwashed by the story put up by the money bags and their show off on several occasion on their return from sojourn abroad.

Is it not Joe you dropped off from secondary school with? Look at Emma I moulded bricks with spraying dollars. This scenario provoke thoughts and inspires the lust to travel abroad to accumulate such wealth.

However, there is more to it than meets the eye. I mean, how can one amass such wealth within the space of four to five years in a country he has no roots? No educational qualification and certification. No outstanding skill. Nothing of such nature to be amazed off. Am not saying its not possible, but the possibility is 3/10 as opposed by what we have these days where 9/10 make it within the space of few years abroad.

The bitter truth is that most of our brothers engage in unwholesome and nefarious activities there. The wealth of most of them is illicit. Though some are legit.

The picture painted is never as imagined because one get to meet a different scenario as to what we envision. But then, it is now a case of, “if you can’t beat them, you join them” because there are much expectation from home, your family, immediate society et al. One cannot fall hands na!

How much will becoming a house boy fetch you, how can you become a gardener abroad after everything. The truth is that those are the most available jobs for most of our brothers that travel there without no due qualification in search of greener pasture. To make the meager money, you have to become an internet fraudster or drug dealer. That is the major shortcut.

Our Nigerian society doesn’t in any way help matters, we rather worsen situation a great deal. The traditional institution is ever ready to give you a title once you throw a huge amount of money to their face without questions. The gaa-gaa n’ogwu 1, the gidigbam gidigbam aka aka n’eme ego nke mbu na Malaysia amongst others. Your wealth automatically makes you an illustrious son, your being a nightmare to the community in the past notwithstanding.

How can someone come to an occasion and spray millions on a spot? Watch it, have any of this multi-millon Naira company owners done such? They don’t. They can’t. They won’t. Their company will be at risk. They are calculative and meticulous. But watch this Malaysia and South Africa returnees, they are outlandish in spending. As they do so, we sing their praises because we’ve lost it. It’s so appalling.

No one ask questions. The religious institution is not left out!

The deed is done. The onus now lies on us to realize our various parts and roles in enthroning such vice which one of them resulted to such horror in the south east. The people involved must be found and brought to book.

I enjoin the society and us all, to uphold some certain principles. Let’s not be blinded by wealth and avarice. Let’s always be conscious. Tomorrow, it might be you or I. We might be the unfortunate result of such fracas.

Let this be an eye opener to all.

I heartfully empathize with the bereaved family. The quick recover of the injured and pray for the happy repose of the lost ones.
Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord!

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